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Will YOU be ready when it falls?

A brilliant first novel by the authors K K Hemmings launching in Winter 2018.
An inspiring story that breathes new life into an age old spiritual epic.
Captivating & unmissable, this novel will guide your soul on a beautiful journey toward ultimate transformation.

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Stardust The Book

Christmas in New York. A time filled with magic and enchantment. Made all the more dazzling on Christmas Eve as a comet sheds it's fiery tail. It explodes in glorious technicolor across the night sky.

Millions watch this amazing spectacle, many believing it to be the divine prophecy of a new spiritual age.

Cassandra Novakov, a talented young reporter at the New York Times is tasked to follow this tale and use her many literary talents to bring the story alive for the paper's avid readership.

However, is this ancient traveller from the deepest, darkest part of our cosmos really a harbinger of good tidings?

In the aftermath of the comet, thousands of people go missing around the world: seeming to have vanished without trace. Scientists are baffled and Governments strain to contain widespread panic.

As strange and inexplicable events unfold around her, Cassie finds herself drawn relentlessly into the heart of a terrifying mystery.

What biblical curse or blessing has this ancient voyager bestowed upon the peoples of the Earth?

Quotations from the Stardust novel

Comet ISON

Comet ISON

We are often graced by interstellar visitors. Comet ISON is one such comet that produced a spectacular display during Christmastime 2014. Heralded as the 'Comet of the Century' by many astronomers.
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K K Hemmings

Authors of the imagination. Storytelling at it's most unique, imaginative and terrifying. Will you be ready when the Stardust falls? Be prepared for some eye opening revelations from these astral travellers.
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